This is an invite from me to you.
To answer a voice that is honest and true.
From deep in your chest is where it starts,
In your center, your core, your Heart.

It knows your Life’s Purpose and where you should be,
It knows that you want to be happy and free.
Its making you wander and making  you roam.
Its time that you find your True Home.

Our lives are a mess of mistake and regret.
Our bodies are sewers all stagnant and wet.
Our thoughts run in circles and bite their own tail.
It feels like a life in a jail!

Our Heart knows we’re not here to be restless or bored.
We aren’t here to acquire, and consume and to hoard.
We didn’t come searching for dragons to slay.
We came here to sing and to play!

Seeking adventure in the simplest of things,
Grateful and happy at all that life brings.
Connecting and opening, releasing, transcending,
Feeling a joy that needs no explaining.

You are the Space for all Life’s unfolding,
You are the Canvas behind the Grand Painting.
You are the Stillness when Balance is found,
The Silence beneath the notes of the Sound.

This is an invite from me to you,
To sit with your Self and know what is true,
What is Eternal, Vast and Free?
It is you that is Infinity.

~ Love Always, Nithya Priyan